Punkrock – Sweden

Existenz was formed in Sweden 1982 and played around 100 gigs in Sweden, Denmark and England between 1982-87 with bands as Anti-Cimex, Asta Kask, UK Subs, One Way System, English Dogs and on. They released a 7” “Listen” 1983 and a 12” “Let´s get drunk before it´s too late” 1985. Which sold out quickly.

Now they are back in full strength since 2016 in the original line-up, touring Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, England and Germany so far with bands like The Exploited, The Varukers, Cockney Rejects and many more.

2019 a split record “THEY CAN´T CONTROL IT” was released. 2020 the album “MELTDOWN” saw the light.  2022, 2 new singles “POINT OF NO RETURN” and “SOUND OF LIFE” was released on all streaming services.

40 years of Punk 1982-2022! Raw, fast and dirty Punk at its best with the roots in the eighties.