Hot Action Waxing

Freiburg City Punkrock

Hot Action Waxing is a fiery punk rock group formed in 2021 by five seasoned musicians boasting over a century of combined punk rock experience. This band thrives on pushing boundaries and challenging norms, carving out their unique niche in the punk scene.

Drawing influences from punk, blues, and rock’n’roll, Hot Action Waxing crafts a sound that is as edgy as it is electrifying. Their music leaves no questions unanswered, save for one intriguing mystery: Are these gentlemen still in their right minds?

In May 2023, they unleashed their debut EP, „Don’t Care – Don’t Mind,“ a sonic manifesto that catapulted them into the hearts of punk rock enthusiasts. With this release, Hot Action Waxing solidified their presence, showcasing their unapologetic attitude and relentless commitment to authenticity.

Hot Action Waxing tears through the music scene, removing any hair-thin doubts about their dedication to pure punk rock. Their dark chamber of creativity is a place where they ignite the punk spirit, ready to open the floodgates of raw energy and rebellion. Welcome to the world of Hot Action Waxing – where waxing isn’t just grooming; it’s a punk rock lifestyle!

Hot Action Waxing Live Dates 2024

  • 15.03.24 – Espace André Richard Fraize (F) w/ The Exploited
  • 17.03.24 – La Puce a L´Oreille Riom (F) w/ The Exploited
  • 19.03.24 – Sedel Luzern (CH) w/ The Exploited
  • 21.03.24 – Gebäude 9 Köln w/ The Exploited
  • 23.03.24 – La Luciole Alencon (F) w/ The Exploited
  • 04.04.24 – Bastard Club Osnabrück
  • 05.04.24 – Rattenloch Schwerte
  • 17.05.24 – Club Vaudeville Lindau w/ The Exploited
  • 28.06.24 – Sommer am Kiez Augsburg w/ The Exploited & Dritte Wahl
  • 29.06.24 – Das Bett Frankfurt w/ The Exploited
  • 19.10.24 – MKK Stuttgart w/ Neckarions