Raw Melodic Punk from Stuttgart

The Neckarions: Four musicians from Stuttgart plus one from the heart of Texas. They bring together their experiences of hardcore, punk, surf, Streetpunk & metal to create a unique punk style that culminates in a darn good, powerfull live show that puts a smile on the sweating audience’s faces!
In 2021 the CD „Rise of the…“ was released on 30 Kilo Fieber Records, in September 2022 the 4-track-7″ „Neckarions“ was released on 30 Kilo Fieber, both recorded in Harddrive Sounds Studio Stuttgart by Roland Böffgen. In 2022 the complete discography so far was released on Tape by Kloppstock Records.
In September 2024 the Neckarions will release the new LP „Waterfront“ on Vinyl on Smith&Miller Records (Berlin)! Interrupted by Corona they have played lots of shows and shared the stage with bands like The Drowns, Los Fastidios, Cyanide Pills, Turbo A.C.‘s, Stage Bottles and many more…