Manege Frei

HC Punk – Germany

Since September 2008, brutally fast HC punk from the south-eastern edge of the Ruhr area. Aggressive guitars with catchy melodies as well as fast solo parts meet a proper banging drum kit. The whole thing is rounded off by loud, deep-throated bellowing vocals with gang shouts, which lyrically range from antisocial, funny and crazy themes to absolute misanthropy with a doomsday mood. The whole thing with a clearly anti-fascist attitude. They don’t mince their words and they don’t mince their words. After a few demos, a CD, various 7 „s, the 12“ called „Schweine“, the brand new album „Virulent“ was released in March 2021, on which 12 x mercilessly slamming HC songs can be found. After more than 15 years of band experience and numerous gigs with greats like The Exploited, Toxoplasma, Total Chaos, The Restarts, The Other, Cluster Bomb Unit, Los Fastidios and many more, Manege frei is still hot for gigs. In reviews, comparisons with scene greats such as Rawside, VSK and Bonehouse are listed again and again. A colourful mixture of various styles guarantees a hard and merciless sound.